Pirates: a timeless musical

Schaarbeek, 25 & 26th of June - SAVE THE DATE

Co-creating a musical: yes we can! 


It all started from a couple of post-its and a shared love for sea shanti’s. When we started the Kalino Project in september 2021, little did we know how far the story would take us and how much magical things would happen on the way! We now have our very own pirate musical: the Kalino members invented the story, improvised (a good part of) the songs, co-wrote the script and sung their hearts out, week after week. Come and admire the result, it will be a feast!   

How we did it

With blood, sweat and tears, that’s for sure. But that’s the way the best stories are made … We had to learn to listen to each other, to give kind feedback, to kill our own darlings, to let go of a lot of preconceived ideas … And that really made the whole difference. What we felt during this long, fascinating and interesting process, you will feel during the show. Are you up for it? 

Why it (co)works like magic

In a co-creation process, you have to let go of your own ego and really ‘throw’ yourself in the group and trust each other. And when you do that, your true creativity can start to flow. You are not afraid to let go of your own idea when your neighbour has a better one. On the contrary: you embrace every viewpoint. And of course you struggle sometimes, you quarrel, you lose some battles … but you win so much, and you have so much fun, and that is translated in the story. 

Who we did it with

This year’s extremely talented crew of writers, singers and actors consists of Cristina, Frederiekje, Hélène, Jonne, Joyce, Karel, Lenny, Lisa, Lulu, Rose and Sarah. Yes, eleven!
Our golden team 🙂
Come and admire their work – they will definitely convince you that pirating can be very fun!