This is what we do
The Kalino Project

We co-create a show from scratch, invent the characters together, work on the story and write our own songs. Together, throughout the year and on stage. For people who love to sing, to dance, and to work with others to create magic. No experience needed: our coaches guide you all along the way. So even if you think you can’t sing or have a bit of a stage fright: don’t worry! We focus on a creating a safe and fun environment for everybody. 

After 2 eventful years and 2 beautiful shows, the Kalino Project is taking a little break so we can reinvent it and make sure we can provide our cast with all the support and learning tools they need. In the meantime, please follow KalinoBrussels on youtube to watch the recordings of the show and/or join Vokalino to stay involved.



Every two weeks, we sing our hearts out in a choir setting. Musical related songs, in all shapes and forms. No strings attached. We focus on technique & fun. For people who want to improve their singing and who love to sing in group. 

For adults: young, old, beginners, more  and less experienced voices … 
Every two weeks on Sunday from 10 to 13 hrs. as from 8 October
@GC De Kriekelaar, Gaillaitstraat 86, Schaarbeek
€ / year (or 30  / semester)
Want to check it out? Join us at our open rehearsals on 24 September and 1 October!

Kalino Coaching

Organizing a show can be a challenge. There’s a lot to think about, and never enough time to get everything ready. If you feel stuck, or would like an outside perspective, Kalino Coaching might be the answer to your questions. We can help with singing technique, practical worries, group cohesion, crisis management, stage presentation and many more things. Service available in English, French and Dutch. 


For those who are still a bit unsure

Everybody is welcome: all sizes, shapes, forms, colours, experiences and ages. The only question we will ask you is whether you like to perform on (or off) stage and whether you would like to grow and get better. And have fun. Fun matters a lot. 

You don’t have to to do anything: you have to want it. Would you really really  like to perform on stage? Come and join The Kalino Project. Are you more of the casual type? Vokalino might just be the perfect project for you. We’re always there. And you’re welcome. 

Creating a show takes a lot more than acting and singing. You can help out with decors, costumes, make up, staging, by being a musician in our awesome Kalino band. Just give us a call or send us a message, and we will work something out.

Don’t worry! We always take the time to make sure everyone can follow and understands what’s going on. No matter your level of English, we will figure out a way to understand each other. And isn’t this the perfect occasion to work on your language skills and become a fluent English speaker?