This is who we are

Who we are

Kalino vzw is an amateur organisation with headquarters in Brussels. The three founders are Carlotta, Lieselotte & Nora, hence the name ‘Kalino’. 

Our main purpose is to share our love for musical and perform on stage, together. Everybody who looks for an opportunity to sing, to act or to help behind the scenes, is welcome, regardless of experience, background, handicap, gender, religion or language. For that is precisely what music is about: bringing all kinds of different people together and making connections.


We want to give people that may lack the experience, the talent or the resources an on stage experience where you can connect
with others and to grow as an artist and as a human being.




Our focus is not on competition but on co-creation, positive communication, learning from mistakes and from each other in a creative, stimulating environment where everybody can learn and grow at their own pace. We also welcome people with lots of experience who want to share their knowledge and passion.